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When Lives and Seconds Count...We Sell Peace of Mind. For nearly 50 years, Dailey & Wells has focused our business on our client's critical wireless communications needs. From yesterday's simplex analog systems to today's Broadband-Ready Infrastructure and user terminals, we have become the de-facto source for systems and support - SECOND TO NONE.

Dailey & Wells, provides a unique One-Stop convergence of Award-Winning Designs, Products, Services, and Support. Dailey & Wells has an unparalleled track-record ensuring your investment today is, and will remain, Future-Ready and the Right- Decision from one of the most financially stable corporations in America.


Dailey & Wells, makes it possible for you to make that 3:00AM Phone Call for Support and always talk directly to the very same Dailey & Wells expert(s) who originally installed YOUR NETWORK 5-10-15-20 years ago... and still supports YOU 24/7 today.

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Haidar (CJ) Hijazi, SVP

CJ@DWComm.com | Phone: +1.210.893-6504

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Jim Sawyer, Director of Marketing

JSawyer@DWComm.com| Phone: +1.210.893.6701

Mike Priolo, N. Cal, NV, AZ


Phone: +1.213.810.6113

Gary Kimmerle, S. Cal, UT

Gary@DWComm.com | Phone: +1.714.404.5719

Richard Kirian, New Mexico

RKirian@DWComm.com | Phone: +1.505.453.2029

Dennis Vickery, Houston

DV@DWComm.com | Phone: +1.281.804.7970

Michael Lockwood, E. Texas


Phone: +1.281.713.0405

Larry Sayles, N. Texas, OK, AR, CO

Larry@DWComm.com | Phone: +1.405.204.0347

Anna Solis, Central Texas

Anna@DWComm.com | Phone: +

Edward Martinez, S. Texas

EMartinez@DWComm.com | Phone: +1.361.548.5660

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